About Resolve – Christian Mediation & our approach

1. HOW CAN Resolve Help?

By providing impartial Christian mediators to help those
who are in disagreement and who cannot resolve their differences.

  • By arranging informal, confidential discussions with each party (Advice).
  • By organising a meeting to help parties come to their own agreement (Meditation)
  • By appointing a Christian to decide any outstanding issues between parties (Arbitration)

2. WHY USE Resolve?

  • Resolve has trained and experienced mediators 
  • Mediators work on distinctively biblical principles
  • Resolve responds rapidly
  • Resolve is a totally confidential service
  • We work alongside church leaders if desired
  • Parties can withdraw at any time
  • Resolve accepts most types of dispute
  • Resolve’s charges are comparatively modest and initial advice is free

3. WHAT IS distinctive about Resolve’s approach to conflict resolution?

Resolve’s distinctively biblically based model of conflict resolution relies on the understandings of life and relationships revealed in both the Old and New Testaments of The Bible and in the application of these understandings to the behaviour of individuals or institutions involved in conflict as well as to analysing the conflict itself and seeking lasting solutions to it.

4. WHY IS it important to equip those who seek to be peacemakers?

Conflict is pervasive and will inevitably affect relationships whether of long standing or transient. Unity cannot be maintained when issues which threaten to taint or destroy relationships are not addressed.

The Bible tells us to ‘Make every effort to live in peace with all men …’ Those who seek to adopt this teaching will be well equipped by Resolve’s teaching and training programmes to respond to conflict in a positive manner resulting in conflict being an opportunity to develop resolutions and relationships rather than cause destructive action.

5. DOES Resolve have relationships with other organisations?

Resolve is affiliated to the International Christian Chamber of Commerce. www.iccc.net
& Global Connections www.globalconnections.org.uk

6. AVAILABILITY of Resolve

Resolve is available to all Christians regardless of their church affiliation and also to non-Christians provided they accept the Christian nature of the Service and provided they accept the Rules set out.

The Board may refuse to accept applications if it considers that either the publicly expressed beliefs of a prospective party or the nature of the dispute itself are incompatible with the Christian nature of the service.

The Board always retains discretion as to whether to accept or refuse a reference to Resolve.

For more information or details please contact us via our ONLINE Enquiry page.

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